Rules of Pre-Sale


1. Pre-sales are made to help our customers to save on the cost of kimonos, but customers have to wait longer period for the product to be delivered. Yes, you wait for the product to arrive, long time, but you save money.

2. Pre-sale/pre-order means we don't have the product in stock - it's being produced.

3. Estimated delivery/shipping date - we cannot guarantee exact shipping dates with pre-sale orders. Too many variables in play and in our experience setting up the expectations with you, our customer, and promise you an exact date is dangerous and disrespectful. That's the reason for an approximate date, and that date might change at any time. Please check our web site from time to time for the updates.

4. Cancelation/Refund policy - customer can change/cancel/ask for refund of pre-sale order within 45 days. After 45 days from making the order, you, our customer, accept to wait for the order and cannot cancel it any longer.

5. All orders are shipped to the addresses provided during the purchase. If your address changed, or will change, please email us and make sure you get our confirmation that we received your request, it's important.

6. NO PICK UP - no local pick up is available for pre-sale orders. No exceptions.